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What you need to know to keep your organisation safe and secure this season

The festive period can be a profitable time of year for many businesses, but it often means a break from work too. If you want to relax over winter, take our advice and follow these tips to protecting your premises.

commercial-security-lightErode the cover of darkness

Dark winter nights can provide burglars with perfect cover to scope your premises. Install security lighting around your building to prevent intruders from going unnoticed to passers-by or use motion-activated lighting to deter trespassers. Consider integrating CCTV cameras to your security system so you can record surveillance footage if activity is detected around your property’s perimeter or your intruder alarm is activated.

Tag your assets

For a burglar, an office, school or warehouse left empty for any length of time is an attractive target. Make sure assets that can be easily carried are marked, to facilitate easy identification and recovery in the event of a burglary. UV marker pens provide a simple and effective way to label your property with your postcode.

fire alarm maintenanceLock-down and minimise risk

If you’re lucky enough to shut up shop over Christmas, spend a little extra time doing a safety check around your premises before you lock up. Switch off lights, computers, monitors, photocopiers, etc, unplug all unnecessary electrical items, check CCTV cameras are working properly, and test your fire and intruder alarms. If staff members do need to come in to work over the break, make sure they know how to disable and reset the alarm, and who to call in an emergency.

Don’t advertise your business

This is quite possibly the one time of year when you don’t want to advertise your business. A clear view of easy-to-carry computer and audio visual equipment can provide the perfect incentive for a thief to attempt a break-in. Close blinds and window dressings on ground floor windows to deter prowlers, and if that’s not possible, move high-value portable equipment so it’s out of sight.

burglar alarm monitoringGet notified if there’s a problem

If there was any kind of incident at your workplace over the festive period, you’d probably want to know about it quickly so you could assess the damage and prevent significant loss. Alarm monitoring ranges from simple text messaging to full-blown police response, so invest in a method that gives complete peace of mind and allows you focus on having a very merry Christmas!

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