Modern Art Oxford celebrate its 50th anniversary | Chris Lewis Fire and Security

Chris Lewis Fire and Security sponsor an evening of art in Oxford

Anniversary celebrations have been running throughout 2016, and on Friday the 4th November the gallery held its official 50th anniversary party. As a keen supporter of the Oxford community and the arts, Chris Lewis Fire and Security were proud to sponsor this event. The evening of celebration was a huge success; featuring performances, speeches, music and dancing. It was also an opportunity for the gallery to thank the stakeholders, sponsors and supporters that have helped keep Modern Art Oxford running.

Modern Art Oxford was founded in 1966, with the aim to advance the ‘education of the general public in the modern visual arts’. The Museum of Modern Art is located in the old brewery building on Pembroke Street and is a contemporary art space with an international reputation. The majority of the exhibitions and events at the gallery are free of charge and it is funded by stakeholders, including the Art Council England and Oxford City Council.

To celebrate 50 years of amazing modern art, the gallery has a special exhibition on this year called KALEIDOSCOPE. This is a year long series of interlinking exhibitions, performances and events, presenting an opportunity to look back on some of the great moments in Modern Art Oxford’s history.

Chris Lewis Fire and Security are a local company and proud to be based in such a cultural city as Oxford. Being able to sponsor events like this is a great way to help promote the aspects of Oxford life that make it such a special place to live.

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