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Expertly installing Hyfire hybrid fire detection and alarm systems

We are pleased to announce that Chris Lewis Fire and Security are now a Hyfire Premier Partner. This accreditation means that our engineers have the full training and expertise necessary to design and install this innovative wireless fire system.

What is Hyfire?

Hyfire is a cutting-edge wireless fire detection system, used by many businesses, including Claridges and Eton College. Designed and built to high standards, Hyfire offers a flexible, reliable and seamless fire safety solution.

Hyfire has the UK’s largest compliant wireless fire detection range, our consultants can give clients a system specific to their exact requirements, no matter how complex.

Fully integrated wired and wireless Fire Detection & Alarm Products

There is also the option of the Hyfire wired range. This intelligent equipment can accommodate up to 240 devices per loop. Comprising of a full range of detection and alarm devices, it offers a solution for the most demanding of projects. What’s more, wired systems can support and integrate with wireless devices, so we can develop hybrid solutions involving both wired and wireless elements. This also means that we can extend or improve your Hyfire system without disruption.

Complete fire and security protection

Chris Lewis Fire and Security offer a wide range of fire protection and security products for both homes and businesses, from fire alarms to CCTV. What’s more, all these systems can be fully integrated making them highly effective and easy to use.


Talk to us today

Call one of our expert fire consultants or get in touch today to find out more about installing Hyfire and the different types of products available. We pride ourselves on putting our customers first, we are here to discuss your needs so we can deliver the best system for your property.

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